develop own website

did you choose to be here?

I don't simply mean the website....I mean Life


there are no coincidences


dare to discover

if you go inside yourself...really will discover that you are an aspect, a shining, of unconditional love

This is YOUR world

you are much more than you perhaps knew

If you dare to look at your life experiences as methodologies for revealing self to self....both the positive and the negative will begin to see the individualised wonder that is YOU

...and then you start to grasp the interrelationship between you and the totality of the 'oneness'

each person has their own soul's agenda in this life's walk...

and it is the nature of unconditional love to honour and respect the sanctity of each person's walk


to see the lovingness of 'the oneness'....

in the 'extraordinary' things of life, is not extraordinary

that is.....

that really is...                      

to be able to see

the lovingness in the ordinary things of life

mind blowingly..
spiritually big-bangingly


because then we start to realise...

we have not come 'from the One-ness'

nor do we return to 'the one-ness'

we, and all that exists...has ever existed....

will ever exist...all are
expressions, aspects of 'one-ness'

the atoms that power the universe...are also found within each one of us

we inter-act with each other in a common field of energy

Our delight, here on earth,

is to translate the concept of unconditional love into the experiences of it

Thus 'relative terms' are opposing polarities which exist in the 'process of the pathway' only so that 'the one-ness' (of which we are an indivisible part) may continue to express, in every possible form and system, the extent of lovingness.

What we do to another, we do most surely to ourselves.