We collect from: Årjäng and Bengtsfors

we charge only the money for bensin when we collect you from the bus/train station

IMPORTANT: you must notify us at least 48 hours
before you travel so we can plan timing so everyone can be collected
It is best to notify us by email shown below (scroll down)
and you will get a  contact phone number to use during your travel

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Bus4you and Flixbus

An excellent and  very low cost way to travel from Oslo or Stockholm to

Årjäng - and we collect you from Arjang

It is also possible with Flixbus.se though their service is not as much


A more local service, from Goteborg,Uddevalla,
...and also from Åmål train station.


to nearest station - Åmål.
From there take Vasttrafik bus to Bengtsfors