Gallnas Course

....pathways to beautiful experiences........

we are not BIG...
and never intend to be...
what we are is homely..
and that we intend to remain

attendance on a course is decided by the course leader so contact the course leader to see if you may join and attendance at our premises is at the participants own risk



Click the picture to see the varied accommodations offered in our very unique building...very homely

The food is always popular here

the homely atmosphere is greatly enhanced with Ragnhild's home cooked food,mainly vegetarian
click the pic for more information

We can be busy in the kitchen out of the house or otherwise unable to take
our home phone

so experience has taught us that it is most efficient if you could please email us and we will respond as soon as we can

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People are asked to bring their own bedlinen and towels...these can also be provided at a nominal extra cost

some pictures